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Fees & Finance

Classes on the weekend (First steps, primary, pre-primary ballet) operate on a pay weekly basis. Payments will be made upon arrival. Once the student develops and passes their pri-primary exam, they will be moved to monthly invoices that will be sent to the parent at the end of each month:

Classes are charged as follows:

  • 30m = £4

  • 45m = £5

  • 60m = 6.50

  • 90m = 8.00

New Starters

  • If your child is new to the school, they will receive a free taster session for every genre they try. Invoices will be charged on a pay as you go basis for the first four weeks and monthly thereafter.

Fees and Finance (Monthly Invoice)​

  • Fees are sent at the each month via electronic invoice. A discount will be applied for students taking more than one class. There is no reduction or refund on classes for any absence including sickness, family holidays.

  • If the monthly fees have not been paid in full before the issue of a new invoice, the student will not be allowed to participate in any classes.

  • fees must be paid before the issue of the new invoice

  • Tuition fees could rise each year in line with inflation for both new and continuing students as the cost of delivering courses increases. Inflation will be calculated with refrence to the RPIX, a measure of inflation in the UK

  • The school should receive fees by the date shown on the invoice. Any late payments will incur a surcharge of £10.

  • The only method of payment is via online. an email with the invoice will be sent containing all the payment details

  • Invoices should be paid by the ‘pay’ button located in the invoice

  • Bank transfers, Standing orders and Direct Debits will not match any payments unless paying via the link provided. If a payment has been made without the link provided, your account will not have updated meaning a late payment fee of £10 could be applied to the account

  • Monthly payments are non-refundable. If a pupil has a long term illness or injury, fees will be refunded. This does not include minor illness or holidays taken during the term

Term Dates

  • There are three terms a year Autumn term (Sep-Dec) Spring term (Jan-March)Summer term ( April - Aug).

  • Exact term dates can differ each year, please check information packs or online

Addition Costs

  • Uniform: Throughout the year students attend classes in many different styles of dance and they will be expected to dress appropritly for each class. While we have a general dress code for daily classes, we also have a more specific uniform list that musr be worn for assessments and examinations.

  • Annual Shows: each year the school produces our annual show that gives students a chance to perform live on stage. Ticket prices vary and will have to be purchased separately. Ticket prices are not included in invoices.

  • Examination fees: examination fees will be charged separately to monthly invoices. (Check the examination tab for more information)

  • Musical Theatre Shows: Tickets will be sold, in house performance.

  • Awards Show: Ticket prices are charged separately.


  • To terminate your agreement, the parent must give the school 4 weeks notice.

  • Fees will still be due even if the student is unable to attend the class for the remainder of the month


  • A sibling discount of 20% will be taken off the total bill (Summer schools only)

  • If students attend more than one class a 25% discount will be applied.

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