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Terms & Conditions

 Payments are to be made monthly. No refunds are given for days when the students do not attend. A discount is offered for certain dance programmes when two or more members of the family participate at SteelPointe Theatre Arts.

Late payments:

 A 10% late payment fee will be applied to the students account if fees have not been paid in full within the four-week period given on the statement.

Theatre Trips:

Payments are only secured once the full payment has been made. Theatre tickets are non-refundable. Should another student be able to take the place of a transfer may be accepted.


Cancellation of classes:

If classes are cancelled due to fault of the school, a credit note will be applied to the students account, which will be visible on the parents’ portal log in.


Cancellation of monthly notice period

Notice of four weeks must be given by ‘dropping the class’ which has to be completed by the parent via the portal. Fees will still be due even if the student is unable to attend the class until the completion of the notice period. Fees will not be refunded if a student decides to leave during the course to go on personal events such as ‘Last minute family holidays’


Attendance Policy:

It is fundamental that students attend and arrive to classes on time. The times for each class can be found on the calendar tab or the students portal. Students are expected to meet 80% minimum attendance each term. Parents are asked to contact the school via phone, email, or portal message when their child is absent giving an indication of the reason. 


Lateness Policy 

Students are expected to arrive 5 mins before the class starts. Dance requires the body to be fully warmed up before exercise can start. Students who are late will miss warm up exercises and therefore may sustain an injury. Students who arrive more than 15 mins late may be asked to observe the class for health and safety reasons. 


Behaviour Policy

Students are expected to behave in a polite manner to faculty and peers. Each student should listen to the teacher in class. Unnecessary talking is discouraged. If a student is causing disruption to others learning they may be asked to observe or leave the lesson. A parent will be contacted if this should happen, and their child should be picked up from the premises immediately. If disruptive behaviour continues the student will face disciplinary action that could lead to expulsion. 



Every child should have the right to enjoy their time on the premises during classes. Allegations of bullying are not taken lightly at the school.  Students will receive an investigation which will lead to expulsion 


Physical Contact Policy 

Teaching dance is a physical activity and appropriate contact between students and teachers is essential for students to fully understand the technique (e.g., turning out of leg, use of metatarsals. SteelPointe Theatre Arts recognises its responsibilities for safeguarding students and teachers and for protecting each student’s welfare:

1, Contact by the teachers is made with awareness of the needs for each student to assist the dance in correcting placement

2, Teachers will treat physical contact with due sensitivity and care

3, Contact will not involve force or the use of instruments

4, Students and parents are encouraged to discuss any worries with a member of staff or an independent listener

5, Both students and teachers should feel free to report any concerns to the designated safeguarding lead, Nikki Furness. 



Students’ welfare and are it a top priority at the school. as such, we believe that we have a duty to all students, parents, and carers to act quickly responsibly in any instance that may come to our attention. 


ALL STAFF AND VOLENTTERS are employed by SteelPointe Theatre Arts and will be DBS checked before commencement of their employment, first aid trained and covered under SPTA. Should a visitor not have a full DBS clearance, they will not work with the company. 

SteelPointe Theatre Arts does not disclose any information to third parties expect where the law allows or requires, or where you have given permission to do so.


SteelPointe Theatre Arts has the right to change these terms and conditions at any time for the benefit of the business, staff, or students.

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